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Storyboard Image: Radames is frustrated at work as he gets the mac wheel of death!
Last month I edited the audio tracks and also began revising the storyboards. I'm really excited about the new changes I made! I am still making the revisions and will be working around the clock to complete the boards and put an animatic together before I send out my monthly kickstarter video update this month!

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<![CDATA[Editing Storyboards]]>Wed, 21 Aug 2013 05:28:34 GMThttp://www.dontquityadayjob.com/home/editing-storyboardPicture
I got the first round of storyboards designed by Andrew Han which came out amazing. Now I'm going in and making some edits, adding some shading and getting a little bit closer to the models. I want the shots give more information like the background art and nail some animation keys. This will make life easier on the background artists. I will keep posting as it continues to develop. 

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Part of the challenge in completing the script was having to re-write it to include contributors. Ironically it ended up adding some more humor. In the episode, one of the contributors named Victor Torres is being interviewed about a new reality show he created called the Accordion Hero. Which is about a group of instruments normally used in a merengue tipico band (style of music from the Dominican Republic) who struggle to record an album because they spend most of their time arguing over nonsense! 
<![CDATA[Exclusive eBook for kickstarter contributors has arrived!]]>Sun, 26 May 2013 23:31:45 GMThttp://www.dontquityadayjob.com/home/exclusive-ebook-for-kickstarter-contributors-has-arrivedPicture
This pdf eBook features all of the comic strips from the original series. It includes some history on how the characters in the series evolved to what the animation series is today.  

Download the pdf and view it online, on your cellphone or ipad. The page is password protected and this pdf is offered exclusively to Kickstarter contributors of The Don't Quit Ya' Day Job animated series only. Thanks for your continued support!